Creating the Side Garden

The space to the western side of the old dairy was a bit of a waste land. It was difficult to use, an awkward space and sort of a bit of no man’s land filled with weedy grass and dirt. I had a great idea to use more potato boxes to create a veggie patch of sorts.


We found the potato boxes from Scrub Hill Farm just outside Dean, in the heart of Ballarat’s potato growing region. The boxes have the capacity to hold 1 tonne of potatoes! So they’re big and perfect for the job of growing veggies. The 6 boxes were packed onto a ute, manoeuvred in carefully like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Once transported to Holcombe Hill Farm, our kind and friendly neighbour, Steve, then used the tractor to unload them and place them to the side of the house.

We arranged the boxes in the space as best we could with the tractor which is no easy feat in such a small area. Steve really is a wiz with the tractor! 3 cubic metres of topsoil was then delivered and using the bucket of the tractor again, Steve filled the boxes with topsoil.


So finally, we have a much better space to the side of the house. And it will be functional as well. Guests will be able to sample the herbs and veggies that are grown there to really complete the farm style escape. The plan is to grow all sorts of vegetables, including one box of potatoes of course!