How magical was this recent snow?! Waking up and opening the curtains to see the snow covering the garden was stunning. Not only were the paddocks covered in a white blanket, the snow was actually fluttering from the sky in big puffy blobs of white. We raced outside and took photos, but not too many of course, because the gloves have to come off to operate the phone.

We then took a drive into Daylesford and everything was as white as can be. Every house, car and tree was covered in snow. Daylesford looked like a town from the French Alps. Along Vincent Street, cars were completely covered in snow. It was a delight to see so many excited faces all wondering up and down the street, looking in wonder at the beautiful scenes. There was a lovely sense of community and joy as children scraped up snow to make snowballs and dogs walked precariously on this unknown substance.

Holcombe Hill Farm was also completely white. Usually the white house is off set by the surrounding green fields, but today it completely blended in. The animals (Gumpy the cow, Sheppy and Lilo the sheep) were so cold, I’m not sure they liked it. We fed them and we escorted them into the old milking shed so they could get out of the weather.

What a delight to have so much snow. It’s lovely how such a simple thing can bring so much joy.